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Raid Days

Thursday - 21:00 - 01:00 ST
Sunday 21:00 - 01:00 ST

Team Myth Raid progress

Icecrown Citadel 10 Player (Heroic)

Lord Marrowgar
Lady Deathwhisper
Deathbringer Saurfang

Professor Putricide

Blood Prince Council
Blood-Queen Lana'thel

Valithria Dreamwalker

The Lich King
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Getting Started

mythmatt, Jul 23, 10 9:06 PM.
Made some minor changes to the site, gone are the unused Mail and Calendar and replaced with a full progression table. More to come on that. Guildies check these websites out, guides on the forum.

Raiding Basics
The Loot System

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Website Features

mythmatt, Jul 17, 10 8:51 PM.
Couple things I've noticed with the shoutbox, as you may see at the moment I have spammed the shoutbox silly. Turns out comments on there don't wrap, and they stretch the page to match the length of your shoutbox message.

Until further notice, keep Shoutbox messages short and sweet

This looks different...

mythmatt, Jul 16, 10 6:10 PM.
Well, a little bit of an update today. Had a play around with the forum tools and redesigned it completely, all in all I think it looks a lot better and organised now. My next goal for the website is to change the Banner at the top of the page to something...cooler.


mythmatt, Jul 15, 10 3:45 PM.
Seems to be a bit of confusion regarding the Raid Times.

All times on the calendar are in server time.

Server time is GMT+1

So Thursday

Server Time 21:30 - 01:00
GMT             20:30 - 00:00

Invites start up 30 minutes before, so be online and ready between

Server Time 21:00 - 21:30
GMT             20:00 - 20:30


mythmatt, Jul 1, 10 8:15 PM.
Yup, we downed the entire of the Crimson Halls, and Valithria Dreamwalker now..

Just 2 more to go, let's do this guys!
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European: Nordrassil (PvE)
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